About Esperance Quality Grains

At Esperance Quality Grains, we strive to give the absolute best service within our capabilities. Our local staff are hard-working and dedicated to getting the job done, and getting it done well.

We are currently expanding our facilities, with two more silos being built on site, as well as a brand new certified weighbridge being installed. These new features to our already impressive facilities will give us the ability to move more grain and be accurate with our weights.

We have 25 silos of various sizes; from 57 metric tonne to 320 metric tonne. The different capacities of our silos allow us to store our grain more efficiently, and allow for different size out-turns. To find out more about our silos and storage facilities, please visit our Storage and Movement page.

Our new weighbridge is a certified Mettler-Toledo weighbridge. This weighbridge will still have individual axle weights, as did our old one, and we will even be able to print off these individual weights for you.

To learn more about our grain handling services and prices, please get in contact with us.


Update 2019