Containerised Exporting

In 2018, Esperance Quality Grains significantly expanded operations to include the exportation of grains produced in the Esperance region. Currently we are only exporting Pulse Grains. These consist of field peas, faba beans, lentils and lupins. This allows us to take advantage of the superior quality of products grown in our region and the existing facilities of the Esperance Port.

With the assistance of some very helpful local grower groups; South East Premium Wheat growers’ Association (SEPWA) and Pulse Association of the South East (PASE), Esperance Quality Grains sourced funding from Primary Industries and Development to become established in the export market. Through this generous support we have been able to invest in handling equipment that allows us to maximise our operational efficiency.

So far, we have exported our region’s quality grains to 8 countries; Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

All export operations are carried out by our local internal staff, including documentation requirements and logistics. If our staff are unable to carry out or complete any of the required operations, we strive to source certified persons from our incredible local community where we can.

Every tonne exported is first cleaned by either our amazing Law-Denis Rotary Drum grader or our Buhler Schmidt-Seeger screener cleaning machines. To find out more about our grain cleaning services, visit our Grain Cleaning & Drying page. We are also licensed fumigators to comply with some countries’ importing requirements.

The containers that we use for exporting are food grade sea containers, which are all inspected by lovely local Environmental And Quarantine Inspection Services (EAQIS) Officers before and during the packing of the grain.

Each export is a new experience for us as we are still fairly new to the exporting game. However, we are avid learners and strive to educate ourselves on all the different processes for each different country and grain.

If you would like to go through us to import our wonderful grain to your beautiful country, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Updated 2019