Grain Storage & Movement

Esperance Quality Grains has an elevated storage capacity of approximately 4000 tonnes. 2000 tonne can be stored on aeration. Aeration is highly advantageous for EQG. We can safely keep higher moisture grains for short-term storage, minimise sweating and hot spots while keeping insect contamination at bay. EQG has and continues to hold grain safely in long-term storage for feedlots and farmers, with the grain leaving the silo at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius after being in long-term storage.

EQG solely uses bucket elevators and conveyor belt systems for the transfer of grain on the complex. Where possible, EQG avoids using augers on the plant due to the damage that may be incurred to pulse seeds and canola from auger usage. The conveyors are completely enclosed which allows EQG to operate competently in wet weather.

EQG is operated from fully automated touch screens with interlocked alarm systems, which protect all operating systems in the complex. Any activated alarm will cause the system to shut down in sequence thus avoiding any large grain spillage and protecting the plant equipment from damage.

EQG have licensed fumigators in order to meet export requirements of importing countries.

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We have licensed truck drivers on our amazing team, who deliver and redeliver most of our grain. If they are unable to, we endeavour to contract out to the wonderful local drivers and companies.


If you have any queries about selling to or buying grain from us, please contact our office.



Updated 2019