Grain Cleaning & Drying

Grain Cleaning

EQG has two cleaners; a Lew-Denis EAC2505 Rotary Drum Grader and a Bühler Schmidt-Seeger Flatbed Screener. The rotary drum grader has the capacity to clean 20-100 tonne per hour, and the flatbed screener can clean 50-120 tonne per hour.

Both machines can be utilised to perform any professional cleaning task required. All cleaning at EQG is executed fully undercover, due to the installation of the rotary drum grader in the shed. This, in turn, assists in the prevention of weather damage to the grain and allows staff to work in a dust free environment.

Our owner, Neil Wandel, has extensive pea cleaning experience, due to being one of the major pea growers in the region.


Grain Drying

We have two Agridry AR1618E1 Continuous Flow Dryers operating on our site. These excellent dryers are based on a well proven design of continuous flow machines that have been in use for many years, drying all types of seeds and grain. They are fully automated, meaning they maintain consistent moisture content in the output product.

Our dryers are built using nine identical layers of which the bottom three can be used as cooling layers; however, the utilisation of two layers for cooling grain at EQG is sufficient. All grain is cooled to approximately 30-32 degrees Celsius, with the majority of the dried grain being transferred back to aerated silos for further cooling.

The dryers run on natural gas and have the capacity to dry up to 70 tonne per hour, depending on the original moisture content of the grain, and the ambient temperature of the environment.

To remove 2-2.5% moisture, EQG is able to dry up to 70 tonne per hour, depending on relative humidity. The higher the humidity the less tonnage per hour is able to be dried, and grain with high moisture content naturally means lower hourly output.

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If you would like a quote for grain drying or cleaning, please get in contact with our office.