Grain Cleaning

EQG has a Law-Denis EAC2505 Rotary Drum Grader (Cleaner) which is a 5 screen rotary machine. This has the capacity to clean 20 – 50 tonne per hour.  We also have a Bühler Schmidt-Seeger flatbed screener that has the capacity to clean 50 – 100 tonne per hour. Either machine can be utilized to perform any professional cleaning tasks required.

All cleaning at EQG is executed fully undercover, due to the installation of the Law-Denis cleaner in the shed. This, in turn, assists in the prevention of weather damage to the grain and allows staff to work in a dust free environment.


Wheat – Cleaning Capacity of 60 – 80 tonne per hour

Barley – Cleaning Capacity of 60 – 80 tonne per hour

Canola – Cleaning Capacity of 90 – 100 tonne per hour

Lupins – Cleaning Capacity of 50 – 60 tonne per hour

Peas* – Cleaning Capacity of up to 50 tonne per hour

*EQG has extensive experience in pea cleaning due to our owner, Neil Wandel being one of the major pea growers in the Esperance region.

If you would like to obtain a quote for cleaning of grain, please contact our office.